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About Us

Meet the Mans Family 
Rocking M4 Enterprises was established by the Mans family in Eaton CO. With their passion for sports, and golf in particular, Kevin & Kris brought their idea to life. The Kaddie Daddie is the ultimate tool for golfers. The Kaddie Daddie keeps your valuable clubs off the ground, and in sight while on the course. Keeps your grips dry and clean. Never leave a club behind again. It holds standard length clubs and is adjustable up to 2” longer than standard and up to 4” shorter than standard, is easy to assemble and disassemble, and hooks on a golf bag for the duration of your game. Designed to be light weight, the Kaddie Daddie is made of 100% billet aluminum.

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Quality craftsmanship is top priority with Rocking M4 Enterprises. From the Kaddie Daddie, to the beverage holder, or other accessories, all are made in the USA of high quality, durable materials. Subscribe to our website to be the first to learn about Rocking M4 branded hats & apparel, and other creative products to enhance your game.  The Mans family thanks you for your support of their American made products.

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