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Kaddie Daddie

Check out our new business venture! We appreciate all the love and support. Please pass it on. It holds your short game clubs or any 3 clubs, but it is designed with short game clubs like Putter, SW, PW, or LW in mind. Typically, all these clubs are taken from your bag on the cart and taken to your ball. Since you can only use one at a time, the others get tossed on the ground. Grips get wet or dirty or worse, clubs get left behind or forgotten. You can also keep a drink and cigar off the ground. This accessory also reduces the amount of bending down to pick up clubs on the ground. Assemble the Kaddie Daddie before teeing off and keep these clubs handy for the entire round. There's even a clip on the Kaddie Daddie that allows you to clip it to your bag for convenience between each hole. For more information, please visit to see options and accessories. Get ready for the golf season.

Thank you so very much

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