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The Beverage Holder for Golfers

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

The most memorable time on the golf course is the part where you’re drinking beer with your friends. But a problem presents itself when you’re holding a drink in your hand and then you need to swing your club. What do you do with your beer?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could hold your drink and swing at the same time? We all have dreams but what’s more realistic is keeping a goal. If you’re a savvy golfer, you should have a plan in anticipation of this inevitable conflict. Here are a few options to consider on what to do with your drink.

What to Do With Your Drink

Most golfers place their beer on the ground when it’s their turn to take a swing. Placing your beer in the grass presents some problems. Someone might knock it over, spilling your precious booze. Or it can fall over because the ground is uneven. So where else can you put it if it’s not sitting on the fairway?

Drink it all before you swing.

The most practical solution is to drink the whole beer before you swing. We know it’s good etiquette to drink slowly, like a gentleman, and savor the drink instead of downing it all. But it’s your game. Ignore good behavior and chug. Bottoms up!

Attach your beer to your belt with a carabiner.

Using a carabiner will be a hard feat if you’re sipping from a cup. But if you’re drinking from a can you can totally pull this off. Any D-shaped wire gate carabiner can slip through the tab of the beer and a belt loop. Most standard pairs of khaki pants require a belt so you can tuck in your polo shirt. Try to position the beer on your side or back, so it doesn’t it interfere with your swing. You might spill some beer on your shirt or pants. But if you’re wearing moisture-wicking apparel, it will dry in no time.

Make a friend hold your drink.

This option isn’t the best solution, but it’s the most convenient. Most guys don’t want to be your waiter and hold your stuff for you. But it’s the sign of a good friend if they’re willing to clutch a Miller while your drunk self tries to hit the ball. Just be a good friend and hold their drink when it’s their turn. That’s what friends are for, right?

Get the Kaddie Daddie.

Golf in style and comfort when you have the Kaddie Daddie Beverage Holder attached to your Kaddie Daddie Golf Club Holder. The ultimate beverage holder is made to clip right on the Kaddie Daddie Golf Club Holder. It securely holds any beverage container up to 3” in diameter. Made of durable polyurethane, 100% aluminum and stainless-steel screws. The Kaddie Daddie Beverage Holder is available in 6 different colors with the Rocking M4 logo imprinted at the base. Made with quality craftsmanship in the USA.

  • Call us to ask about customizing the Kaddie Daddie Beverage Holder with your company brand or personal monogram.

  • Quantity price breaks for resellers

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